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The purposes of the association are to advocate and create proper environment for upcoming and famous talents in Victoria State and Australia wide to be harnessed in order to empower them, unite them, showcase their talents and support their wellbeing and mental health by organising festivals, workshops and events that engages priority groups in the community such as people living with disabilities, Indigenous, Aboriginals, Australians, new arrivals from continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, visitors, women, young people, regional and rural Australian, socially isolated and disadvantaged people in our community.

ACTap is a guild and platform for practicing talents, including performers, actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, DJs, MC, instrumentalists, models, broadcasters, photographers, magicians, fine artist, craft talents, journalists and related community upcoming and professional, talents in the industry.

ACTap assists the creative efforts of its members by seeking to improve their conditions of work,
opportunities and also partnering and working with other professional bodies, government, associations and organisations to peacefully organise and perform at live multicultural concerts, festivals, parties, competitions and
community events regularly.

To manage talents.

To promote, sponsor, support and partner member events and activities as auspice.

To regularly organise and present awards to upcoming and famous community talents, community leaders, sponsors, supporters and partners.

ACTap is committed to bringing talents together with the idea of pursuing laudable artistic courses that would be sustaining in the long term.

ACTap’s registration and membership is confirmed and satisfied by applicant(s) social media, photo, audio visual evidence, referral, recommendation in Australia or overseas by individual or organisation as an upcoming or professional talent(s) that has the potential to peacefully engage, educate and understand the community.


  1. Members logo, website and other social media links are added to the association’s website, social media and all communication platforms.

  2. Marketing and Publicity.

  3. Talent Management and Showcase.

  4. Special Feature on C31 Television, Melbourne - Australia via Our Community Lives - TV Show and other Public Platforms.

  5. Opportunity to perform/Showcase at Big Festivals and Events in Australia.  

  6. Auspice Service.

  7. Collaboration/Partnership.

  8. Assistance with creative development of the project.

  9. Assistance with ACTap’s secretariat as contact Hub

  10. Assistance with budget preparation.

  11. Event management.

  12. Opportunities to meet, network and perform on the same stage or platform with Australian famous and celebrities.

  13. Special discount on events, workshops, empowerment programs or activities entry fees.

  14. Talent Endorsement Certificate and Recommendation Letter.

  15. Shoutout of Birthday, Anniversaries, Celebrations, etc. on all  ACTap Media and Publicity Platforms.

  16. And lots more…

Who is eligible to be a member?
Any person who supports the purposes and mission of the Association is eligible for membership.

Application for membership:
(1) To apply to become a member of the ACTap, a person must submit a written application to a committee member stating that the person—
(a) wishes to become a member of the Association; and (b) supports the purposes of the Association; and
(c) agrees to comply with ACTap’s Rules.
(2) The application—
(a) must be signed by the applicant; and
(b) may be accompanied by the joining fee.

Consideration of application:
(1) As soon as practicable after an application for membership is received, the Committee must decide by resolution whether to accept or reject the application.
(2) The Committee must notify the applicant in writing of its decision as soon as practicable after the decision is made.
(3) If the Committee rejects the application, it must return any money accompanying the application to the applicant.

New membership:
(1) If an application for membership is approved by the Committee—
(a) the resolution to accept the membership must be recorded in the minutes of the committee meeting; and
(b) the Secretary must, as soon as practicable, enter the name and address of the new member, and the date of becoming a member, in the register of members.
(2) A person becomes a member of the Association and, subject to rule 13(2), is entitled to exercise his or her rights of membership from the date, whichever is the later, on which—
(a) the Committee approves the person's membership; or
(b) the person pays the joining fee.

Annual subscription and fee on joining:  
(3) The Association may determine that any new member who joins after the start of a financial year must, for that financial year, pay a fee equal to—
(a) the full annual subscription; or
(b) a pro rata annual subscription based on the remaining part of the financial year; or (c) a fixed amount determined from time to time by the Association.
(4) The rights of a member (including the right to vote) who has not paid the annual subscription and update their membership application by the due date are suspended until the subscription is paid.

General rights of members:
(1) A member of the Association who is entitled to vote has the right—
(a) to receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions in the manner and time prescribed by these Rules; and
(b) to submit items of business for consideration at a general meeting; and
(c) to attend and be heard at general meetings; and
(d) to vote at a general meeting.
(2) A member is entitled to vote if—
(a) the member is a member other than an associate member; and
(b) more than 12 months have passed since he or she became a member of the Association; and
(c) the member's membership rights are not suspended for any reason.
14 Associate members
(1) Associate members of the Association include—
(a) any members under the age of 15 years; and
(b) any non performing or practicing talents, or category of member as determined by the Executive Committee.
(2) An associate member must not vote but may have other rights as determined by the Executive Committee.

Rights not transferable:
The rights of a member are not transferable and end when membership ceases.

We believe performing Talents in our community can change the world for good.

Our Mission

Talents  Showcase
Peace Building