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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 to all our members, volunteers, patrons, advisers, resource persons, partners, sponsors, supporters, talents, fans, friends, families and well wishers.

Let's do more together this year!

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Appreciation - #ACTap Festival of Talents and ACTap Awards 2022 #FESTAL2022 #ACTapNews

Special thanks to all the talents, nominees, awardees, volunteers, dignitaries, partners, supporters, sponsors, donors, performers, speakers, presenters and well wishers that actively participated/attended the Festival of Talents And ACTapAwards 2022 (#FESTAL2022). We also appreciate everybody that contributed and participated behind the scenes.


  1. Hon. Comm. Bill Papastergiadis OAM - Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) Commissioner - KEYNOTE SPEAKER.

  2. Amb. (Mrs) Rabecca Cecilia Mphande - President and Co-founding Director at AfriAus iLEAC.

  3. Patrizia Barcatta - Independent Candidate for Werribee, Victoria State, Australia.

And others


  1. Best Community Band/Singers - Trali- Vali Band #FESTAL2022.

  2. Best Community Solo Singer - Hazel Zee Music #FESTAL2022.

  3. Best Community TV Station - C31 Melbourne #FESTAL2022

  4. Outstanding Empowerer of Advocates for CALD - Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) #FESTAL2022

  5. Outstanding Community Leader - Amb. Mrs. Cecilia Rabecca Mphande #FESTAL2022

  6. Dr. Mrs. Vicky Omifolaji - Outstanding Disability/Mental Health & Wellbeing Empowerer #FESTAL2022

  7. Best Multi Talented Artist & Talents Mentor - One Spirit Africa #FESTAL2022

  8. Best Hip Hop and Afrobeat Musician - KingOcoro Music World #FESTAL2022

  9. Outstanding Youth/Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Mr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi Sijuade #FESTAL2022

  10. Outstanding Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Amb. Ms. Taniya Jayasinghe #FESTAL2022

  11. Outstanding Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Mr. Juda Attard #FESTAL2022

  12. Outstanding Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Amb. Lambert Abuchi #FESTAL2022

  13. Outstanding Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Amb. Randall Apps #FESTAL2022

  14. Outstanding Youth/Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Ms. Adongwot Manyoul #FESTAL2022

  15. Rock Revival Band - Best Community Rock and Roll Musicians #FESTAL2022

  16. Outstanding Talents Empowerer and Advocate - Evang. Amb. Adeniyi Ekine #FESTAL2022

It was an amazing celebration of of the achievements of our CALD women in small businesses. Thanks Evang Amb Adeniyi Ekine for taking the photos and sharing them.


CWIRE amazing ladies! Thank you AfriAus Ileac: Inspire Lead Educate Advocate for Change and some of our LUVPACKS Partners for delivering this timely, amazing program. Also, a loud shout out to the Victoria State Government through Department of Families, Fairness and Housing - VIC (the Victoria Office for Women) for the sponsorship for CWIRE Phase One & Phase Two. Furrther, another big shout out to Viv Nguyen - Victorian Multicultural Commissioner for her unfeigned support for the CALD/Multicultural women - your keynote address was inspiring! Another Big shout out to Mayor Cr Jeff Springfield, Cardinia Shire Council for your amazing keynote guest address. Together we can go far.


Amb. Mrs. Cecilia Rabecca Mphande,

AfriAus iLEAC President & Co-founding Director

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