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Photo News: Afriaus iLEAC - CWIRE Graduation (click to view or download)

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

It was an amazing celebration of of the achievements of our CALD women in small businesses. Thanks Evang Amb Adeniyi Ekine for taking the photos and sharing them.


CWIRE amazing ladies! Thank you AfriAus Ileac: Inspire Lead Educate Advocate for Change and some of our LUVPACKS Partners for delivering this timely, amazing program. Also, a loud shout out to the Victoria State Government through Department of Families, Fairness and Housing - VIC (the Victoria Office for Women) for the sponsorship for CWIRE Phase One & Phase Two. Furrther, another big shout out to Viv Nguyen - Victorian Multicultural Commissioner for her unfeigned support for the CALD/Multicultural women - your keynote address was inspiring! Another Big shout out to Mayor Cr Jeff Springfield, Cardinia Shire Council for your amazing keynote guest address. Together we can go far.


Amb. Mrs. Cecilia Rabecca Mphande,

AfriAus iLEAC President & Co-founding Director

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