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Trali - Vali band confirmed Nominee & Finalist for Festival of Talents & ACTap Awards 2019 #FesTal19

CONGRATULATIONS! Trali-Vali band confirmed as Nominee & Finalist for Festival of Talents & ACTap Awards 2019 A family friendly day of diverse entertainment, multicultural communities talents showcase, awards, foods, drinks, beverages, wines, magic showcase and lots more...


Date: Saturday 12th October, 2019

Time: 5pm - 11pm.

Venue: Williamstown Town Hall, 104 Ferguson St, Williamstown VIC 3016, Victoria State, Australia.

Trali-Vali band is bilingual band with a unique concept. Their music features a mix of traditional Russian folk or pop songs and international music hits sung in both Russian and English languages. They use traditional and colourful slavic folk harmonies, infused by the rhythmic drive of the western pop and rock-n-roll songs.

FOR INQUIRY ABOUT Festival of Talents & ACTap Awards 2019

PHONE OR WHATSAPP: +61 432595508 +61 423528971

Please share widely to invite the community, family and friends.

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