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Travi-Vali band joins ACTap

#ACTapmember We are pleased to introduce to the general public our new member, "Triva-Vali band"

Trali-Vali band is a new addition to the Melbourne multicultural music scene. It is a bilingual band with a unique concept. Their music features a mix of traditional Russian folk and international music hits sung in both Russian and English languages. The band members use traditional and colourful Slavic folk harmonies infused by the rhythmic drive of the western pop and rock-n-roll songs.

The songs they use for arrangements are similar in tunes and topics, and their original interpretations result in the new sounding pieces. The band mixes two cultures together to demonstrate that music doesn't have any “national borders”.

The main purpose of the band is to promote the richness of the Russian culture in Australia in the engaging and entertaining way, that is interesting for both Russian and Australian audiences.

The band loves performing at the festivals, fairs and other cultural events and celebrations to represent Russian culture in Australia.


Official video clip


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